Access & Security

We offer great storage units for all your needs at the best prices, but the safety and well-being of our clients are priority. We have equipped our facilities with the latest security systems, solid construction, lighting and more.

Access & Security

Central Monitoring

Our storage facilities are equipped with security alarm systems. When accessing our storage facilities, our monitoring system reads each person that enters the building and while giving gives them their specific level of access.

Digital Surveillance Cameras

We take our security seriously and this is why we have installed the highest quality surveillance systems on the market. There are many indoor and outdoor cameras that monitor the storage units and the premises, making them the perfect deterrent for any potential intruders.

Electronic Access System

Every Mini Entrepot Sauvegarde Rive Sud client is given an electronic key code. This key code identifies you as well as your specific level of access. We feel that this system provides much more peace of mind than a typical system’s access procedures which can often be duplicated and used without your knowledge. Each client code provided by Mini Entrepot Rive-Sud is unique - no two codes can ever be the same.

Solid Metal Storage Units

Our storage units are divided for privacy. Our self-storage units are built with steel walls. Our facilities are built using cement and steel for both strength, durability and resistance to fire.

Emergency Response

Mini Entrepot Rive Sud’s Sauvegarde buildings are directly connected to our security alarm company, police station and fire department for quick, on-site, emergency response.


Lighting is one of our most important safety features. We keep all our facilities well lit. We go the extra mile to keep our buildings very well lit, day and night, for your convenience and security.